MTV Artist Ident 2019

I was approached by the awesome people from @mtv and commissioned to create an ident to be aired globally. As it's been over the years, MTV still pioneers creative freedom like no other brand. From an extensive list of feelings, I chose "mystery" as a theme. Had lots of fun making this, loosely based on previous illustrations and explorations. Technically, it was a great opportunity to use tools such as #c4d volumes and fields, X-particles advection and #sidefx Houdini sims. Music is from the awesome master of the masters @reid_willis and I had some great help from @enosdesjardins for the sound design and mix. Many years ago when I was starting my career I also had the chance to make other MTV idents with @16times9 Cristian Jofre. It's been a massive pleasure re-visiting the M logo once again. Thanks @mtv, @instasaylor, and all the team at MTV UK + International.